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John McCain wants to "postpone" the debate that's scheduled for this Friday night.

His reasoning? The financial situation is so dire that he and Obama should both SUSPEND THEIR CAMPAIGNS and go to DC to help find a solution.

Translation 1: The Bush plan is not going to pass. (thank god for small miracles)

Translation 2: McCain is too chickenshit to actually answer questions about the financial crisis with Obama standing next to him, calling him out for his bullshit.

You know what, McCain? I think your concern is complete shit. You haven't gone back to DC to vote on a bill, let alone attempt to find solutions to anything since last APRIL. Suddenly though, you can't be fucked to attend a debate? It's not like you're gonna miss the vote if you attend this debate. And it's not like you can't go to DC and work on "solutions" in the meantime. The debate itself will take up a few hours of your time. Surely you can grace the American public with your presence for that long, can't you?

Oooh wait...are you afraid you won't have time to prep? Well. I can see how that would be a big worry since Obama's going to eat you for breakfast. But the thing is, dear McCain, all the prep in the world isn't gonna save your sorry ass. You see, you have nothing to offer us. Nothing. At least, nothing that 82% of Americans haven't already called bullshit foul on.

Also, isn't this the very time when you, as a presidential candidate, should be engaging the American public in a discussion about the financial crisis? Shouldn't you be telling us how you plan to fix it? Shouldn't you be explaining to us how it happened so that we can avoid it in the future? 

Nah, that's just not your style, is it? Because you have no solutions. You don't dare face the American people now, not when it was YOUR PRESIDENT who caused this nightmare. And all you have to offer is more of the same.

And Obama? Do not let him off the hook. This debate could be game, set, match for you. McCain clearly thinks it will be.


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